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ASTRA Cloud Main Features

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Easily store and share your data anytime, anywhere

Like a web hard drive, HTML5-based web screens can be used to store documents and drawings in the cloud, and search and view the documents and drawings you want anytime, anywhere.

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Quickly view drawings and collaborate

You can make various measurements and calculations such as distance, area, and location, and you can use Snap Mode to automatically select nearby points, endpoints, etc..

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Workflows & Lifecycle

Automate tasks that require decision-making and communication

You can create a approval line that you use frequently and use it conveniently. Automation processes such as step-by-step approval and approval requests make complex tasks more efficient.

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Drawing distribution system

Easy and secure deployment of drawings, ASTRA Partner Portal

The ASTRA Partner Portal is a solution that securely distributes drawings, which are important assets of the company, and records deployment history to enhance security.

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ASTRA, a drawing management and distribution platform, is also available on-premise.
If you want to deploy all or some of the features of ASTRA on your system, you can consult.

Business innovation through sharing and
collaboration Creating Corporate Value

  • 가치01

    Systematic information management

    • 체크

      Development phase output definition

    • 체크

      Establishment of standard output system using template

    • 체크

      Establish a system for distributing and sharing information

  • 가치02

    Gain a research and development collaboration environment

    • 체크

      Securing information sharing channels for other departments through information distribution

    • 체크

      Simultaneous delivery of new outputs and changes by the system process

  • 가치03

    Systematizing the development process

    • 체크

      Review and improve existing business processes

    • 체크

      Development process-based system implementation

    • 체크

      Securing development quality through enhanced verification by development stage


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